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3″Fittonia Assorted $1.00
6″Ficus Pandurata $5.30
6″Palm Ponytail StumpNice heads!$8.15
6″Sanseveria Assorted16″-18″+$5.65
6″Spathiphyllum18″-21″ & FULL – SPRAYED TO FLOWER!$3.80
8″Aglaonema Maria / Christina Maria24″+ and FULL$11.75
8″Croton Petra22″-24″$8.45
8″Fatsia Japonica Variegated20″-22″ ! Great Color$11.80
8″Marginata Cutbacks $9.50
8″Marginata Kiwi Cutbacks30-32!$9.75
8″Palm Cat32″+$8.40
8″Sanseveria Assorted24″+!$10.05
8″Schefflera Amate28″+ and FULL$9.75
8″Spider Assorted H/B $5.90
8″Spathiphyllum28″-30″+ ~  SPRAYED – SOME FLOWER!$6.50
10″Aglaonema MariaGREAT SPREAD!$16.90
10″Dracaena Limelight36″-40″ Beauties!$15.00
10″Ficus Eugenia Cone48″+ and full!$14.30
10″Marginata Assorted28″-32″ tall$9.10
10″Marginata Staggard $14.25
10″Palm Areca4’+!$11.40
10″Palm Fishtail3’+ tall!$16.50
10″Palm Neanthe Bella32″+ super full!$12.95
10″Pandus Dwarf Variegated30″+ Beautiful color$14.50
10″Sanseveria Assorted28″+$12.35
10″Warneckii Lemon Lime36″-38″!! BIG!$12.50
10″Spathiphyllum29″+  ~ SPRAYED – SOME FLOWER!$10.50
14″Palm Rhaphis5′ tall!$110.00