4″Waffle $1.60
5″Orchid Phalaenopsis Single Stemin Bloom!$9.00
6″ Ag Maria / Christina18″+ and FULL$4.95
6″ Ag Silver Bay15″-16″ tall! – 3pp$5.25
6″ Gardenia BushWITH BUDS!$6.20
6″ Philodendron Prince of OrangeNIIIICE$5.20
8″Palm Neanthe Bella3’+!$8.25
8″Palm Cat3’+!$8.25
8″Dieffenbachia Camille / Compacta22″-26″ ~ Full and strong$7.00
8″Dieffenbachia Tropic Marianne22″-25″ ~ Full and strong$8.25
8″Fatsia JaponicaThey’re back!$7.50
8″Gardenia BushWITH BUDS!$11.05
8″Sanseveria Assorted26″ and great tips!$10.00
8″Spathiphyllum Domino26″+ – Sprayed to flower!$8.50
8″Spathiphyllum27″+ & FULL – Sprayed to flower!$6.50
10″Cactus BarrellOnly a handful left!$20.00
10″Palm Areca5’+ ~ Beauties!$19.00
10″Dracaena Rikki32″+$14.50
10″Marginata Tips Assorted38″ tall!$8.00
10″Mass Cane 3-2-1Great heads!$15.85
10″Palm Cat3 1/2′ – 4′ tall$11.50
10″Palm Ponytail Stump28″+!$13.50
10″Spathiphyllum30″-32″& FULL – Sprayed to flower$10.50
12″Palm Cat4 1/2′ – 5′ tall$24.00
14″Palm Areca6′-7’+!$39.00
14″Palm Bamboo6 1/2′ – Full & Clean!$53.50
16″Terra Cotta Dish Garden~  NEW ITEM!  ~$20.95
18″Terra Cotta Dish Garden~  NEW ITEM!  ~$28.45