6″Cactus AssortedSeveral varieties!$9.85
6″Spathiphyllum18″-21″ & FULL SPRAYED TO FLOWER$3.80
6″Spathiphyllum26″-28″ & FULL SPRAYED TO FLOWER$2.95
8″Aglaonema Cutlass24″-26″ ~ Super full!$12.35
8″Croton Petra22″-24″$8.45
8″Dracaena Rikki 3pp26″+ ! Clean bright and beautiful $9.50
8″Fatsia Japonica Variegated20″-22″ ! Great Color$11.80
8″Philodendron Split Leaf24″+ and moving fast…$8.45
8″Spathiphyllum26″-28″+ ~  sprayed w/some Spikes!$6.50
10″Aglaonema Shades26″+$16.90
10″Arboricola Braid42″-48″ Tall – Great heads!$13.75
10″Dieffenbachia Tropic Maryanne $12.50
10″Dracaena Rikki Cane 4-3-2 $39.50
10″Marginata Staggard $14.25
10″Palm European Fan42″+$18.00
10″Palm Neanthe Bella32″+ super full!$12.95
10″Scheffelera Alpine4′ tall!$12.50
10″Warneckii Lemon Lime42″$15.50
10″Spathiphyllum29″+ & SUPER FULL!$10.50
12″Ficus Benjimina Braid5’+ w/Nice heads                     PRICE DROP! –>$20.00
14″Mass Cane 5-4-3-2 $45.00
14″Palm BottleBeautiful color$38.50
14″Palm Rhaphis5′ tall!$110.00
14″Palm TriangleWildly exotic appearance$58.00