2″Assorted Foliagepk90 ~ 10+ varieties!$0.90
2″Echeveria AssortedHot item!$1.10
4″Sanseveria Assorted5 varieties!$1.80
4″Spathiphyllum14″+  – Sprayed to flower$1.65
6″ Alocasia African Mask16″-18″ ~ FULL$4.00
6″ Croton Petra18″ 3pp!$4.00
6″ Ficus Lyrata Bush 1pp16″-18″$5.00
6″ Palm Ponytail StumpRegular available also!$7.00
6″ Spathiphyllum 19″+ w/Spikes & Blooms!$3.75
8″Aglaonema Assorted21″-24″ Maria ~ Christina ~ Silver Bay$10.50
8″Aglaonema Aurora of SiamBeautiful color!$11.50
8″Dieffenbachia Camille / Compacta22″-26″ ~ Full and strong$7.00
8″Ficus Pandurata Bush 2pp28″+!$9.75
8″Spathiphyllum25″+ & FULL – Spiking!$6.45
10″Aglaonema Assorted26″ ~ So full and lush!$14.50
10″Dracaena Art Carmen30″+ 3pp!$17.00
10″Ficus Pandurata Bush 3ppVOLUME SALE! 5 or more$10.00
10″Ginger Turmeric3′ tall!$15.00
10″Mass Cane 3-2-1Nice heads ~ Great color!$12.50
10″Mass Cane 4-3-2Beauties!$26.00
10″Olive Manzanillo3′-4′ tall! – Often requested, rarely available!$25.00
10″Palm Ponytail Stump28″+!$13.50
10″Philodendron HybridCongo & Imperial Green$11.50
10″Warneckii Lemon Lime 3pp30″ & Clean$15.00
10″White Bird of Paradise42″+!$16.50
10″Spathiphyllum30″-32″& FULL – Sprayed to flower$10.50
12″Olive Manzanillo4′-6′ tall! – Often requested, rarely available!$43.75
12″SanseveriaSOLD OUT – MORE TO COME!$35.00
14″Ficus Lyrata Standard6 1/2’+ tall!$54.50