4″WaffleEXTRA nice!$1.10
5″Yucca Cane Great heads!$5.35
5″Yucca Cane VariegatedRARE ITEM!$5.85
5″ZZ PlantNice and tall!$5.75
6″ Ag “Reds & Pinks”15″-16″ tall! – 3pp$9.10
6″ Alocasia African Mask $4.00
6″Spathiphyllum Domino16″+ w/SPIKES AND FLOWERS!$4.85
6″Spathiphyllum16″-18″ & FULL w/SPIKES AND FLOWERS!$3.60
8″Dieffenbachia Tropic Marianne22″-25″ ~ Full and strong$7.50
8″Mass Cane 2-1Great heads!$8.40
8″Palm Cat3’+!$8.25
8″Sanseveria Assorted26″ and great tips!$10.00
8″WarneckiiBIG! – 10 or more – $9.00!$10.00
8″Spathiphyllum Domino27″+ & FULL w/SPIKES AND BLOOMS!$7.50
8″Spathiphyllum25-27″+ & FULL w/SPIKES AND BLOOMS!$6.50
10″Aglaonema Maria / Christina Maria28″+ and FAT$13.50
10″Ficus Eugenia 2-Ball $20.00
10″Ficus Eugenia 3-Ball $24.00
10″Mass Cane 3-2-1HUGE heads!$15.05
10″Mass Tip34″+! 3pp$10.00
10″Palm Cat3 1/2′ – 4′ tall$11.50
10″Palm Neanthe Bella32″+ super full!$12.95
10″Spathiphyllum30″-32″& FULL w/SPIKES AND BLOOMS!$10.50