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Specializing in Spathiphyllum but also focused on Arboricola | Calathea | Croton | Dieffenbachia | Dracaena | Ficus | Palm | Philo | Potho | Sanseveria | Syngonium & many other varieties in multiple sizes. With over 18 acres of growing facility and growing we have the means to meet your needs.
Tropical Wholesaler
If you need it, we've got it! Our availability is a seemingly endless array from interiorscape to landscape material and more. Our reputable relationship with hundreds of suppliers and knowledge base allows us to provide what you need!

Specials - Week 39

4″Aglaonema Maria10″-12″, Enchanting!$2.75
4″Alocasia African MaskNice!$2.72
4″Ardisia Red Humilis12″-18″+ and beautiful! $0.90
4″Nepthytis White ButterflyMesmerizing$1.65
4″Pepperomia Assorted12″+!!$1.50
4″Spath13″+ LOADED w/SPIKES!$2.10
6″Aglaonema MariaBeautiful!!!$6.50
6″Calathea AssortedLanci/Mako/Medallion/Orbifolia/Pilosa/Ruffi$7.00
6″Coffee3pp very full!$4.25
6″Ficus Lyrata19″+               $4.00
6″Maranta GreenFULL and BEAUTIFUL$5.00
6″Neanthe Bella PalmFULL! 24″!$4.75
6″Nephtytis Asst TubsFULL!  3 Varieties$5.50
6″Peperomia AssortedNice and full!$3.75
6″Philly BirkinBeauties!$6.50
6″Sanseveria AssortedGoldband / Laurentii / Zeylanica$5.00
6″Warneckii & Lemon LimeWhite and Yellow available$4.25
6″ZZ18″-20″ and FULL$9.75
8″Alocasia African Mask24″ and beautiful!$10.00
8″Calathea Assorted ***PRICE DROP***$10.00
8″Coffee24″ +!  Beautiful!$7.00
8″Dieffenbachia Camille24″ and FULL!$10.00
8″Dracaena RikkiNice and clean – 3pp$10.00
8″Fern MachoLimited Supply!$5.00
8″Nepthytis TubFull!  22″ tall!$6.50
8″Philly Brasil H/BFull with Runners!$7.85
8″Potho Hawaiian TrellisTo the top and very full!$12.50
8″Spath30″-34″! Big and Full!$7.25
8″Spath DominoeFULL! 22″ to 24″$8.95
8″Warneckii Lemon Lime 3ppLooking great! 26″+$10.50
10″Ficus Lyrata Bush 3pp30″-32″$12.50
10″Palm Majesty4’+                     $11.75
10″Palm Ponytail RegularBeautiful and $10.00

About us - our mission

               Jack of Jack’s Tropical began in the fall of 1987 with one goal in mind; To provide a hub between South Florida and Wisconsin allowing foliage to make its way North a little easier. With some thinking outside the box and a lot of drive, Jack’s Tropical Gardens has evolved from a hub to a thriving grower of tropicals, a customer service focused broker, and a proud dish garden manufacturer.

That same drive from the 70’s and 80’s has carried on through generations and continues to inspire our staff to always execute above exceptional work; in turn allowing us to provide the items and services our customers have come to know and count on today. If you’d like to know more simply fill out the Contact us section below.

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